1. The founders of our association are Masters ERNIE REYES and TONY THOMPSON.
  2. Our logo is composed of a three-bladed martial arts edge coming to a sharp point.  It represents three parts of a whole for staying razor sharp!  The first blade and point at the bottom of the logo represents you, the individual.  The second blade to the left as we move clockwise represents our students.  The last blade and point at the right represents our association, team, and family.
  3. The YIN and YANG symbol represents the source of who we are: martial artists striving for balance and flexibility to adapt to continuous change in the universe.  HONOR, LOYALTY, FAMILY, and BRAVERY are the martial arts values upon which our association was built.
  4. WEST COAST is the root of our organization where our association originated.  It is home base.  The name WORLD MARTIAL ARTS evolved from the fact that our style is a mixed martial arts system of martial arts from all around the world.
  5. Through our association’s reputation of producing some of the most famous Black Belt students, champions, and demonstration teams in the history of martial arts in America, we have had the opportunity to meet, share, and learn from legendary masters, grand masters, and world champions from all styles of martial arts.
  6. This has had a great influence in opening our minds and hearts to create a unique mixed martial arts system for the 21st Century.  Our style no doubt develops well-rounded, versatile martial arts students through a system that is exciting, dynamic, educational, and empowering.
  7. The real dynamic of the three-sided sickle is when it is in motion, in flight, spinning and turning, propelled by taking massive action, then soaring to new heights of health, happiness, and success for us all.
  8. Without you sharpening your blade first, the other blades are meaningless and will remain dull and motionless.  You must stay sharp for life PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, and SPIRITUALLY with GOOD CHARACTER! SHARPEN YOUR BLADE!
  9.  Staying sharp and pursuing the edge are not one-stop destinations.  It is a lifetime journey of striving for “MASTERY” in all areas of your life.
  10. MASTERY is the essence of martial arts and life!

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The Purpose of West Coast World Martial Arts is to develop ourselves Physically, Mentally, Spiritually and have Good Character!



Commitment to Constant and Never Ending Improvement to Black Belt Excellence.


  1. Black Belt is the Goal!
  2. Start Training Consistently NOW!
  3. Strive for Black Belt Excellence!
  4. Correction – Repetition!
  5. Practice, Practice, Practice!
  6. Leads to Mastery!

Our Black Belt Success System was designed to create an Indomitable Spirit within our students to Never Quit and constantly create Extraordinary Results for Life!


  1. Non-Survival Level – Zero Commitment
  2. Mediocre Level – Commitment to barely try.
  3. Comfort Zone Level – Commitment to get by.
  4. Black Belt Excellence Level – Commitment to Excel.
  5. Mastery Level – Extreme Commitment to do the Extraordinary.


The ability to control how you act, feel, behave and perform.


Mastery in one’s career and consciousness growth simply requires that we constantly produce results beyond and out of the ordinary. Mastery is a product of consistently going beyond our limits. For most people, it starts with technical excellence in a chosen field; then, with a commitment to excellence, we can create miracles. (When we speak of miracles, we speak of events or experiences in the real world which are beyond the ordinary).

It’s remarkable how much mediocrity we live with, surrounding ourselves with daily reminders that the average is acceptable. Our world suffers from terminal normality. Take a moment to assess all of the things around you that promote your being average. These are the things that keep you powerless to go beyond a limit you arbitrarily set for yourself. The first step to mastery is the removal of everything in your environment that represents mediocrity, removing those things that are limiting. One way is to surround yourself with friends who ask more of you than you do. Didn’t some of your best Black Belt Instructors, Teachers, Coaches, Parents, etc. ask more of you than you did?

Another step on the path to mastery is the resentment towards masters. Develop compassion for yourself so that you can be in the presence of masters and grow from the experience. Rather than comparing yourself and resenting people who have mastery, remain open and receptive; let the experience be like the planting of a seed within you that, with nourishment, will grow into your own individual mastery.

You see, we are all ordinary. But a master, rather than condemning himself for his ordinariness, will embrace it and use it as a foundation for building the extraordinary, rather than using it as an excuse for inactivity; he will use it as a vehicle for correction, which is essential in the process of attaining mastery. You must be able to correct yourself without invalidating or condemning, accept results and then improve upon them. Correct, don’t protect. Correction is essential to power and mastery.

Stewart Emery