The Master Club is built upon on our Black Belts demonstrating their commitment and dedication to continuing their Martial Arts training beyond their 1st Degree Black Belt.

Once a student tests for their WCWMA 1st Degree Black Belt, a 6-month probationary training requirement must be met by each student.  Each student can decide if reaching their 1st Degree Black Belt was a large enough accomplishment and start a new journey in their life, or they if they feel the need to keep pushing forward in their Martial Arts Journey by achieving a 2nd Degree rank and higher.


  • Members receive all classes included in our XPT Program.
  • Discounts on Merchandise.
  • Discounts for select WCWMA Tournaments & Events (Black Belt Exams not included).


There is no instructor recommendation required for Master Club, just the indomitable spirit to continuing your Martial Arts Training with the West Coast World Martial Arts Association.

Appointments for Master Club Registration can be made at the Front Desk.


Non-Current Black Belt Candidates:

  • Maintain a consistent training schedule of a minimum of 2 classes per week.
  • Assist in at least 1 Junior Color Belt Class per week.
  • Assist in monthly Color Belt Testing.
  • Assist in WCWMA Tournaments as a side judge, time keeper and/or score keeper (Black Belts 12ys old & Up).
  • Compete in a minimum of 1 WCWMA Tournament before becoming eligible for their next rank.

Current Black Belt Candidates (1 Year out from targeted Testing Date):

  • Maintain a consistent training schedule of a minimum of 3 classes per week.
  • In addition to normal training classes at WC Newark, Candidates must also attend Tuesday / Thursday Black Belt Classes at the WCWMA Headquarters in Campbell.
  • Attend all Saturday WCWMA Black Belt Trainings at 7:00am.
  • Assist in Junior Color Belt Classes 2 times per week to demonstrate the required leadership skills of a higher ranking WCWMA Black Belt.
  • Assist in monthly Color Belt Testing.
  • Compete in all required WCWMA Tournaments.