I would like to personally welcome you and your entire family to our West Coast Newark Family & Team.  On behalf of myself and the entire staff here at Newark, we would to thank you for the opportunity to share our Martial Arts knowledge, experience and passion with you in hopes it has a positive impact on your life physically, mentally and spiritually.  

We want you to know we are here to make your Martial Arts experience as rewarding as possible and if there is anything we can do to help you out, please do not hesitate to ask.



All students are required to turn in their Annual WCWMA Membership Card before the start of each class.  The membership cards are used to track attendance and rank promotions and are renewed annually at the beginning of each year.  Membership cards registered or renewed between November (current year) - February (following year) include a complimentary WCWMA Membership T-Shirt.



  • Students should attend each class wearing their entire uniform with patches correctly placed and sewn on.
  • Safety equipment should be worn in each class for Pad Work / Partner Drills unless told differently by the Instructor(s).
  • Students do not need permission to use the bathroom during class times.
  • Please leave personal items such as jewelry (especially earrings), watches or other items than can be lost or damaged at home or in the car.



WHITE and BLACK STRIPES are given out to students periodically in classes when students show confidence in performing their required techniques in front of their instructors and classmates.

WHITE STRIPES symbolize a student understands the curriculum being taught but needs constant reminders by their instructors about basic details (hands being down, lack of body movement, lack of balance, etc.).

BLACK STRIPES symbolize a student looks and moves confidently when performing their curriculum in class.  Although mistakes are made, techniques are done with speed, power, and body control.

The RED STRIPE symbolizes a student has done a complete test review with the instructors and has demonstrated they are ready to move onto their next belt rank.


Testing is held towards the end of each month.  Colored Stripes indicate which month you are eligible to test in.  Once a student receives their final RED stripe on their belt, a testing application will be given out by their instructor.  

Testing applications must be completed and turned in as soon as possible to avoid not receiving the proper size / color belt and avoid a potential late fee.

Students who are not ready to test due to lack of attendance, stripes or confidence in their required curriculum will be required to wait an additional month before taking their belt test.

Students who have behavior problems at home or school will also be required to wait additional time as well until their behavior improves and we have written approval by their parents & teachers.