Our beginning curriculum is designed to accomodate students of all skill levels.  Whether you're an elite athlete or trying something out for the first time, our Martial Arts System is geared towards creating an indomitable spirit to push yourself beyond your own personal limitations physically, mentally & spiritually to develop an extraordinary character in Martial Arts and Life.


Our Martial Arts System is geared towards students wanting to learn and develop...

  • Respect
  • Discipline
  • A positive way of life
  • Self Confidence
  • Self Control


Lil' Dragons: 4 years old - 8 years old

Juniors: 8 years old - 13 years old

Teens & Adults: 14 years old & up



  1. Students are required to wear their entire WCWMA Uniform to each class, WCWMA Events and monthly belt exams.
  2. Students are responsible for submitting their WCWMA Membership Card at the beginning of each class to accurately track their attendance.
  3. Students are encouraged to show up 10 - 15 minutes before the beginning of their designated class time.  Please demonstrate respect and courtesy and wait for your class time quietly if there is a class already in session.
  4. All required WCWMA Patches must be correctly placed and sewn on the uniforms.
  5. Please label all training equipment and bags with your First & Last Name clearly visible.
  6. Only enrolled students are allowed on the training floor during normal class times.  Please keep younger children off the training floor while classes are in session for their safety.
  7. Personal Items left behind each day are put in our Lost & Found Area.  Items left for longer than 1 week will either be thrown away or donated.